Event: Organic Resertification Audit In PT. Indo Agroforestry (Part 2)

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On Friday, April 12th, after completing the process in the farmer’s areas of PT. Indo Agroforestry in Banyumas, the organic recertification audit process that carried out by Control Union then continued to the organic coconut sugar processing unit in PT. Indo Agroforestry plant in Yogyakarta. In addition to evaluate the suitability of the coconut sugar production process to the organic standards, Control Union also conducted a closing meeting to mark that the organic recertification audit process at PT. Indo Agroforestry has been completed.

Mr. Kendy Danang Prayogi, the auditor from Control Union, checked out all aspects of production process related to the suitability and completeness of the documents for the production process of organic coconut sugar in PT. Indo Agroforestry. PT. Indo Agroforestry which is represented by Nur Wahyudhi (Operations Manager), Fahrian Sani Putra (QA/QC Officer), Wayah Arna Andika (HRGA Officer), Budiyat (Production Engineer), Wantita Semito (Field Officer) and Budi Yanti (QA/QC Inspector) accompanied and provided all necessary data to the auditor during the process. In addition, Iresty Desanjely (Finance Officer) also provided online data directly from the PT. Indo Agroforestry office in Cibinong, West Java.

Now, this recertification audit process has been successfully done. The updated organic certificate will be issued around May 2019. PT. Indo Agroforestry hopes that the results of this audit process will be in line with the expectation. So that PT. Indo Agroforestry can continue to provide the highest quality of organic coconut sugar to its customers.

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