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Event: Organic Resertification Audit In PT. Indo Agroforestry (Part 2)

  On Friday, April 12th, after completing the process in the farmer’s areas of PT. Indo Agroforestry in Banyumas, the organic recertification audit process that…
Organic Resertification Audit in PT. Indo Agroforestry

Event: Organic Resertification Audit In PT. Indo Agroforestry

  As a company that always provides high quality and environmentally-friendly products, PT. Indo Agroforestry always apply the high food safety standards on their products.…
PT Indo Agroforestry

PT Indo Agroforestry was selected as Pilot Company of ‘Inline Inspection’ Program by Yogyakarta Quarantine Center

On Tuesday, March 5th 2019, PT Indo Agroforestry attended the ‘Release of Exports of Leading Agricultural Commodities in the Yogyakarta and Central Java Region’ which…

February 2019

Here are some exciting news and events for February 2019: Biofach 2019 As a company who works in supplying organic products from Indonesia, Biofach exhibition…

Benefits of virgin coconut oil

Organic virgin coconut oil has various benefits for our health: Weight management: Organic virgin coconut oil is high in saturated fat does help in reducing…

Chemicals that shouldn’t be found on the packaging of organic products

Below is a list of chemicals that shouldn’t be found :     Source: USDA Organic & Organic Trade Association  
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