PT Indo Agroforestry was selected as Pilot Company of ‘Inline Inspection’ Program by Yogyakarta Quarantine Center

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PT Indo Agroforestry

On Tuesday, March 5th 2019, PT Indo Agroforestry attended the ‘Release of Exports of Leading Agricultural Commodities in the Yogyakarta and Central Java Region’ which was organized by the Agricultural Quarantine Center of Yogyakarta. This event was held in order to follow up on the Instruction from the President of Republic of Indonesia regarding the current trade balance deficit in Indonesia, so that all the stakeholders were asked to support the accelerated export market. The event was not only attended by the traders and producers in the export industry in Yogyakarta and Central Java, but also attended by First Assistant of the Governor of Yogyakarta, General Director of Agricultural Plants and General Director of Horticulture Plants from Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

In order to carry out an accelerated export program of superior agricultural commodities in Yogyakarta and Central Java regions, the Quarantine Center launched a new program called ‘Inline Inspection’, in which the inspection activities carried out by the Quarantine Center will become simpler and faster. With this new program, inspection activities will be carried out directly at the production site with a more flexible time without inspections during loading finished goods, so the issuance of phytosanitary documents will be faster and simpler without reducing the level of accuracy.

In this occasion, PT Indo Agroforestry alongside with three other companies were honored to become the pilot companies in running the ‘Inline Inspection’ program. PT Indo Agroforestry was chosen as a one of the pilot companies because PT Indo Agroforestry was considered actively exporting superior agricultural commodities in Yogyakarta and Central Java. In addition, PT Indo Agroforestry also has a quarantine inspection location that comply with the established standards. And most importantly, PT Indo Agroforestry has a strong commitment in controlling the spread of viruses and congenital diseases that can be found in plants and animals which will be exported. “The selection of PT Indo Agroforestry as a pilot company has kept us motivated to always maintain and deliver the highest quality export products for our customers,” said Nur Wahyudhi, Operational Manager of PT Indo Agroforestry.

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