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Organic and environmentally-friendly lifestyle has become a global trend as human lives are dependent on nature.

It is a known fact that nature is now endangered because of human’s own actions, endangering human lives as a consequence. Through organic and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, we hope to restore the health of our nature.

Mankind’s awareness of organic and environmentally-friendly lifestyle is driving up the demand for natural products. This causes the market for organic and environmentally-friendly products to grow rapidly. The worldwide market for organic products has been developing in over 160 countries. In the last 10 years, the organic markets have increased to 228 percent, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia is a fertile tropical country, with its many forests it serves as the lungs of the world and provides an environment where plants can grow well.

Having observed the growth of organic markets especially in Indonesia, PT Indo Agroforestry was founded in 2011. Started off as a provider of consulting service for organic products, the company has developed into provider of organic products and non-timber forest products such as dammar gum, benzoin resin, palm sugar, coconut sugar, macadamia, cashew, patchouli oil and vanilla.

Our high-quality products are processed professionally in accordance to International organic standards. They are also environmentally-friendly in addition to being of great qualities while still conserving Indonesia’s natural ecosystem that makes it a sustainable provider of natural resources and the lungs of the world. Our areas of operation in Indonesia include Bali, Flores, Central Java, Lombok, South Sumatra and South East Sulawesi.

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Indonesian Organic Products

Frederic Guerlava


Indonesian Organic Products

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Operational Manager

Indonesian Organic Products

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Quality Control

Indonesian Organic Products



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From the people for the people

Edena Orchards has collaborated with more than 700 farmers throughout Indonesia involved in making quality of our products. Through this collaboration our company is committed to prospering the lives of these farmers. These commitments are:

  • Providing fixed income monthly so that they can give access regarding education for their children
  • Providing annual holiday allowances
  • Facilitating all the farmers with health insurance
  • Making clean kitchen program for our farmers.