Event: Organic Resertification Audit In PT. Indo Agroforestry

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Organic Resertification Audit in PT. Indo Agroforestry
Organic Resertification Audit in PT. Indo Agroforestry – Banyumas Farm


As a company that always provides high quality and environmentally-friendly products, PT. Indo Agroforestry always apply the high food safety standards on their products. And one of the proof which shows our commitment to the standards is by providing the organic certificates. This organic certificate is necessary to show that our products are produced by 100% natural process without using any additional chemicals that are not safe for consumption.

Since 2018, PT. Indo Agroforestry has obtained the USDA Organic certificate issued by Control Union as the third party that carried out the certification process. With the existence of the USDA Organic certificate, it means that every products that are produced by PT. Indo Agroforestry is 100% guaranteed to be free from any chemicals and meets all the organic standards so that it is ready to be marketed and consumed globally.

This organic certification process itself requires renewal process every year make sure that the organic system is always implemented properly and correctly by the company. And in this month, Control Union will conduct an audit to conduct an organic recertification process at PT. Indo Agroforestry. This organic recertification audit will take place from 4 to 12 April 2019. The audit process is started from the inspections conducted by auditors at the farm and farmers of PT. Indo Agroforestry in Banyumas, then it will be ended with an evaluation of the production process and closing meeting that will be held at the PT. Indo Agroforestry office in Yogyakarta. Mr. Kendy Danang Prayogi will be the auditor who is chosen by Control Union to carry out the audit process this time.

Organic Resertification Audit in PT. Indo Agroforestry
Organic Resertification Audit in PT. Indo Agroforestry – Banyumas Farmers


At the time this article was published, the audit process had been running for six days and still ongoing in Banyumas. In There, Field Officer of PT. Indo Agroforestry, Wantita Semito together with the Internal Control System, Latif and Sayudha, have appointed to accompany and assist the current audit process. “Before this audit process took place, PT. Indo Agroforestry had prepared everything to the fullest. We hope that the audit process will be ended successfully so PT. Indo Agroforestry can continue providing high quality and safe products to our buyers,” said Nur Wahyudhi, Operations Manager of PT. Indo Agroforestry.

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