Organic Dammar Gum

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What is Organic Dammar Gum?

It is a natural resin produced by tapping trees and collected once it hardened. Its use depends on its quality and the environment/condition while harvesting and can be used in food, cosmetic, to make paints and also wax.

It has been traded for more than three thousand years. Dammar tree can only produce resin when it’s around 40 years old. It is impressive that these farmers are thinking decades ahead by managing the dammar tree in the form of agroforestry.

Which region does Organic Dammar Gum come from?

It comes from the southern part of Sumatra. This region has a tropical climate and a characteristic soil that has black color. For dammar trees to be able to produce its natural resin, decades of agroforestry are needed. Hence, this region possess high biodiversity that can support a vast variety of fauna creating a complex habitat.

Furthermore, agroforestry increases soil fertility so that annual crops can grow in potential environment to meet farmer’s needs. Last but not least, decades of agroforestry takes a major part in reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

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