PT. Indo Agroforestry Excogitating to be BRC certified

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After success in obtaining ISO 22000 certificate, PT Indo Agroforestry will go further to improve its system in ensuring food safety of the products produced. The good news, PT. Indo Agroforesty will be holding a British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification body to double the Food Safety System (FSMS). It is driven in line with the increasing food technology, health knowledge and public awareness of healthy lifestyles to the established policies of food safety management system can be applied thorough.

BRC is one of the certification programmes that can be part of how the company has a strong commitment to food safety management. The concept of technical certification approach will greatly help the technical approach required by the company.

PT Indo Agroforestry has done process applications related to the fulfilment of quality concept and technical aspects of food safety Management System (FSMS) since 2017. In the next few months PT. Indo Agroforestry will be ready in the early stages of BRC audit and prepare for what is required to cover the inconformity (non-conformity) in the BRC standard.

With this certification, the expectation can reach a much larger market, as well as to convince our customers; both locally and worldwide; That each product manufactured by PT Indo Agroforestry follows international regulatory standards and is safe to consume.

The stages after obtaining the BRC certificate will have an audit done periodically. Hopefully the opportunities for new business  in national and international markets much brighter.

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